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Position :o 35° 53' N o 005° 30' W
Country Code :MA
UN Location Code :PTM
Port Locode :MAPTM
VHF contact (24/7 service) :Channel 14

Solid bulk

Solid bulk traffic recorded a total of 342,804 tons handled, up 13% compared with 2020, driven by traffic in steel coils, wind blades, and grains.

Serving industrial and logistics companies in the northern region

The General Cargo Terminal became operational in October 2010. With a total area of 5 hectares, including 2 hectares of quayside and 3 hectares of storage, the General Cargo Terminal has a processing capacity of 800,000 tons, a quay length of 500 meters, and a draught of 13.5 meters to accommodate Panamax, Handymax, and Handysize vessels.

The General Cargo Terminal is equipped with three side-by-side unloading cranes with successive capacities of 100, 63, and 45 tons, in addition to the various means necessary for the handling of goods on land. All of this equipment can handle two to three vessels simultaneously.

The General Cargo Activity at the Tanger Med Port is dedicated to the processing of import/export traffic mainly related to the activities of industrial businesses located in the northern region.

Export port for "Made in Morocco" wind turbine blades

The wind turbine blades produced at Siemens Gamesa’s plant in Tanger Automotive City have been exported through the Bulk and General Cargo Terminal of the Tanger Med Port since 2017, serving Moroccan projects but also international projects in more than 10 countries including the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, France, Russia, Norway, and the United States.


Unloading, loading, and storage of sheet metal coils

In order to support the production of new vehicles in Morocco, the Bulk Terminal is the ideal infrastructure for processing the import flow of sheet metal coils necessary for the production of automotive bodies. In 2019, the Port processed the first arrivals of sheet metal coils destined for the Stellantis plant in Kenitra. This activity of importing coils of sheet metal is in addition to that of the Renault Melloussa plant which has been operational since 2012.


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Kamal RAFFAS Manager of Bulk and General Cargo Activity k.raffas@tangermed.ma

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