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Position :o 35° 53′ N o 005° 30′ W
Country Code :MA
UN Location Code :PTM
Port Locode :MAPTM
VHF contact (24/7 service) :Channel 14


Maritime bridge linking Europe to Africa

The Port Complex has a processing capacity of 700,000 trucks per year. It has 8 dedicated berths with 8m water depth and 35 Ha of open space.

A decisive factor in the dynamics of trade with Europe, the Ro-Ro activity connects Tanger Med to Spain (Algéciras, Barcelona, Motril, Malaga), France (Sète), and Italy (Genoa).

As the leading Moroccan platform for import-export flows, Tanger Med alone handles more than 50% of Moroccan exports and nearly 97% of Morocco’s export truck flows.

In 2023, 477,993 trucks were processed in the port complex, representing a 4.1% increase from 2022. Industrial product traffic saw a significant surge of 14.3% compared to the previous year, offsetting a 7.7% decrease in agribusiness product traffic.


Export Access, a privileged infrastructure for Moroccan exports

Tanger Med port is a prime platform for Moroccan exporters. It has a 19 Ha infrastructure dedicated to the treatment of export flows with a processing capacity of 2,100 units per day and an average transit time of 2 hours. The platform allows to process exports of Moroccan products in the industrial and agri-food sectors. Import traffic is geographically separated from export traffic, which allows for linearity of flows and transparency of circuits.

Digitization for logistics competitiveness

The procedures for the import and export of trucks are fully dematerialized through Tanger Med Port Community System. Tanger Med Port Complex customers can complete port passage procedures online and file all necessary documents electronically with the services responsible for managing import-export activities.


Shipping companies provide short and long-distance rotations for truck traffic, and connect the passengers and Ro-Ro port with Spain, France, and Italy.

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Contact the person in charge Ro-Ro Activity

Anouar EL HAOSSASSE Facilitation and Interface Manager a.elhaossasse@tangermed.ma

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